Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Det Store Kolde Bord

Below is the menu that I created and served at the Memorial Celebration for my grandparents, Christian & Edna Hansen.

First Course: Fish & Smorrebrod

This course is traditionally enjoyed with cold beer and “snaps”. Snaps is infused vodka (Aquavit) always served at this type of buffet in small (2cl) glasses. The first snaps is typically poured when everyone has prepared their first smørrebrød, and everyone who is drinking will toast with "skål". You are not expected to drink the entire glass on your first sip, but it is customary that anyone desiring another sip of the snaps must raise his glass and bring out a toast ("skål") inviting everyone else at the table to join him. It is generally considered polite to go through the motions of participating in these toasts, even though you do not have to actually drink much or anything at all.

Both the fish and smorrebrod items are meant to be placed on a single slice of buttered bread (usually “rugbrød”—a dark rye bread), and then topped with the accompaniments provided. Rather than eaten by hand, it’s generally managed with a knife & fork. Try a couple, but don’t overstuff yourself—this is only the first course!


Kryddersild-herring: pickled herring pieces served with sliced potato, onions and capers, topped with dill sour cream.

Karrysild-herring: Herring pieces with apple and horseradish, topped with curried sour cream

Laks: smoked salmon served on white bread, topped with shrimp, lemon and fresh dill


Liverpostej: liverwurst on dark rye with bacon and sautéed mushrooms

Roast beef: thin sliced roast beef served on dark rye bread with remoulade, a sprinkling of horseradish, and roasted onion

Second Course: Lune Retter, Vegetables, and Salads

Traditional Danish hot dishes are served with hot vegetables and cold salads.

Frikadeller: Danish meatballs, served with potatoes, pickles, and onion gravy on the side

Medisterpolse: Danish sausages with ketchup & mustard, served on buns—just like hot dogs! Danes often top this with potato salad as well.

Kalvemedaljon: Lightly fried veal or pork medallions with a creamy mushroom sauce on top

Morbradbof: flattened pork tenderloins lightly fried, topped with your choice of sautéed mushrooms, onions, or pickles

Aerter: fresh steamed peas sautéed with chopped lettuce and dry mustard

Rosenkal: brussel sprouts, steamed then lightly fried with bacon

Gulerodder: carrots with butter and a light caramel

Agurkesalat: cucumbers and onions marinated in vinegar

Kartoffelsalat: vinegar-based potato salad

Third Course: Cheese & fruit, served with coffee and tea

Cheese: A selection of traditional Danish cheeses, including Blue Castello, Havarti, Danablu, Fontina, and Maribo

Fruits & nuts: figs, apples, cashews, grapes and almonds to accompany your cheese

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